Monday, 21 November 2011


Most people in my circle of friends have never heard of Digg or Diggnation. That kinda sucks, but it means I have something to share with those nearest and dearest to me. I've watched and loved Diggnation for several years now, and I am certainly gonna feel a void when it finishes at the end of the year. It's a bit like the last Harry Potter book/film, you just wish there was more.

Here's a few reasons why it completely sucks that Diggnation will soon be over:

1) Alex and Kevin are actually really good friends. It's not often that you find this combo, two people that really get on with each other and can bounce off each other in a creative and fun way. If nothing else, I'm going to be upset that they won't see each other as often as they would've by continuing Diggnation. As a person who really appreciates the plutonic relationships he has with his fellow man, I know how much this will suck.

Note to self: must stop using the word, 'suck' so much, it's kind of perverse.

2)Kevin and Alex really know what they're talking about when it comes to the internet and social media etcetera. I love getting there insight on the latest goings on in the tech industry. Not only do they have inside knowledge of the plots and schemes but they have experience which is incredibly valuable.

3) Alex and Kevin know absolutely nothing about anything else. Seriously sometimes I wonder if they went to school at all. But I don't care, it's hilarious that they are so ignorant regarding so many topics.

4) They actually make me want to drink. I work in an industry where drinking is sort of encouraged anyway (to a reasonable degree). But sometimes I need a little motivation. I can't put on an episode of Diggnation, whether they're drinking tea, beer, spirits or nothing without cracking open a beer, cider or a bottle of scotch. It's a reflex.

The simple fact is though that you don't need a well laid out, concise list of reasons to not want Diggnation to finish. If you've never seen it, download a random episode, watch it with a bottle of beer and I guarantee you'll be hooked.

This is their website. Alex also does this, among other things. Kevin is constantly coming up with new ideas for web start ups and is a big time angel investor, the best place to learn about him is by following him on twitter here.

I love them, and will miss them like a loved one who has passed away, as I'm sure I'll never be lucky enough to meet them. I wish I had the money to get flights to LA for their last show but alas no.

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