Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Favourite Film of 2010

After having recently purchased the Blu-Ray, and having watched it approximately 15 times in a row—much to the despair of my family—I have decided that my favourite film of 2010 was the fantastic third feature film from director Edgar Wright; Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

The reason I can watch Edgar's films again and again is because of his meticulous and almost ludicrous attention to detail. Every single prop, every single piece of wardrobe, every shot has been tuned and crafted to the finest detail. As such, every time you watch this film you are bound to pick up on a new detail you'd missed last time.

That's not to mention an amazing cast; Michael Cera brings a whole new dimension to his portfolio with his performance as Mr. Pilgrim. He seems more bubbly and confident and he totally kicks ass in the best fight scenes I think I've ever seen. His supporting players are no less brilliant. Ellen Wong, playing Knives Chau in her debut film role is adorable yet dangerous, and was apparently quite the method actor for a particular scene.

Scott Pilgrim is a classic hero's journey story based on a hugely successful graphic novel seriess by the same name written by the author Brian Lee O'Malley. O'Malley was consulted throughout the production of this film and in fact was influenced by the direction of the film to adjust the ending of his novel.

Music plays a huge role in this film. Almost all the cast are in a band in the film, and, apart from Michael Cera who is well known for being an accomplished bass player and Brie Larson in the role of Envy Adams who was once a teen popstar, they had to learn how to play an instrument and look like they belonged in a band.

The comic book style look of the film brings it to life. Aspect ratios are constantly changing in a similar way to comic book frames, onomatopoeic words constantly crop up, and we are led to believe that this is the way that Scott sees his world.

Technical Praise over, time for me to gush unashamedly:

I love this film and I think everyone should see it, if it were up to me it would win the Oscars for best film, director, lead actor, and soundtrack. But no doubt they'll pick something like Inception, not that I'm saying Nolan is undeserving. That film kicks ass in many ways also, but it's not as personal for me as Scott Pilgrim.

Also Mary Elizabeth Winstead is totally hot and possibly the cutest thing ever, and I work in a job where I regularly see puppies so yeah, that's like a big frame of reference. Oh and though I haven't mentioned the rest of the cast individually they really were all brilliant, and perfectly cast, here's a list of their names and a few of the other people that worked on the film who I can recall:

Mark Webber - Stephen Stills (The Talent)
Alison Pill - Kim Pine
Johnny Simmons - Young Neil
Aubrey Plaza - Julie Powers
Anna Kendrick - Stacey Pilgrim
Brandon Routh - Todd Ingram
Chris Evans - Lucas Lee
Jason Schwartzman - Gideon Graves
Kieran Culkin - Wallace Wells
Nelson Franklin - Comeau
Eric Knudsen - Crash
Bill Hader - The Voice
Nigel Godrich - Score Composer
Bill Pope - Director of Photography
Brad Allan - Stunt Coordinator
Beck Hansen

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