Sunday, 4 July 2010

On mentioning sports where they don't belong

Disclaimer: This is not a rant about hating football. But make no mistake I do hate football.

I've noticed a recent trend, although it may have been going on for some time but has only recently come to my attention. During programs which have nothing to do with a particular sport, the presenters mention what is currently occurring in a sport event. For example Chris Evans declaring the status of Andy Murray's semi-final against Rafa Nadal to an audience made up largely—I expect—of people who are on their way home to watch either a recording of the match or the highlights program. Or take QVC, a channel that I in no way condone or approve of—during the opening matches of the Soccer ball world cup event—advertised a Football free zone, but delivered updates to their audience on the events in South Africa every 5 minutes. Or perhaps during the Wimbledon Coverage on the BBC where they spoke for at least an hour each day about football.

If someone is not watching or listening to coverage of a sports event live, it is for one of two very good reasons. Either they hate the sport and are actively avoiding any mention of that sport, or they are unable to currently watch or listen to it and are waiting for an opportunity to watch or listen to a recording. So please QVC if you're gonna advertise a football free zone then don't mention football. Wimbledon program producers, if I wanted to watch football I'd watch it, I watch Wimbledon to see some tennis not an hour of discourse on Fabio Crapello's line-up.