Sunday, 29 March 2009

Prager and the Thief

I'm in the middle of watching the latest diggnation and Kevin brought up the fact that Prager had his house broken into. Along with this is the fact that Prager's response to the break in was to tweet about it and to set up a live ustream of the burglar. I immediately went online to find more out. I saw the tweets he posted and the video and I have only three letters prior to the many words I will be saying, WTF.

First of all forget Dan becomes a man on the Totally Rad Show, they need to do Prager becomes a man, or at least a sentient life-form capable of calling the police to remove a prowler from his house. The video is just insane, I’m pretty damn sure it’s not a stunt, because if it is, then what is the point?

Whose first instinct when someone breaks into their home is to tweet profusely about it and set up a ustream of the event. I have a theory about this some may not have thought of, what if this random guy was some sort of protestor or artist trying to point out something about twitter. Before I go further I should say that I love twitter, I love the community, I love sharing things, it’s great.

What if this guy was making a point about twitter or simply doing some life replicating technology thing. If you watch the video, you see he just comes in, takes off his trousers and lies down on the sofa, ready to see what Prager gets up to the next day. Prager and others like him tell us about stuff that occur during their day anyway so why not just hang out to see what happens, you don’t need the Internet and you definitely get a greater amount and richer updates about what’s going on.

The thing that prompted this theory is that in the video, Prager, after successfully booting out the dude, says that he said, “Sorry I’m just trying to follow…” There you go he’s just trying to follow him, he thought that’s how it worked maybe. I follow Prager, fair enough I do it from a respectful distance from across a rather substantial ocean we call the Atlantic, but I follow him none-the-less. And to make it even better if this is the case, then the exquisite irony is that Prager’s response to a guy literally following him is to tweet about it, isn’t that just beautiful.

Anyway here’s the link to a business insider article about it, watch the video and see what you think and let me know what you think about my theory. And by the way this is a joke, although if it were true it would be awesome.

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