Monday, 25 August 2008


Ok so I'm on a train right now that's going to York. Hey Stu why are you going to York? Well because I need to go to Preston but there are works on the Euston - Preston line so I have to go to the other side of the country. Hey Stu why are you going to Preston? Well I go to university in Preston, and I have to retake half an exam tomorrow, lots of fun.

There's a Jewish family sitting in front of me, they have like 7 kids, thats a huge kick in the crotch for abstinence, the eldest son trapped me in my seat with his luggage. I was like look man I'm trapped you've even put down the little fold down table to stop me escaping.

But there's one thing that makes up for all this, plus the fact I have a belly issue, wolfed down a sandwich and got a giant bottle of lucozade sport, that's right it's diabetes for Stu. Anyway this thing that makes up for it...Free Wi-Fi FTW!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BITCH!!!!

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