Sunday, 1 June 2008

Favourite Actors

There are a lot of great actors around today. However very few tend to stand out in an extraordinary way, even if they do, it's because the critics say they do. Part of the subjective experience of film enjoyment is actor appreciation. No person can tell you an actor is great, everyone's experience is different, technically a performance could be good and bad, these are worthy merits to comment on in reviews, however true greatness from a performance, comes around because it speaks to you on a personal level. Since everyone's life is different and everyone's point of view is different, who each person thinks is a great actor varies a great deal. In this next series of posts I will talk about four of my favourite actors, sorry no actresses in yet I may do a separate series later.

Shia LaBeouf

In my first post I mentioned Shia. He's a young up and comer, actually he's two years older than me. I think he is very unrecognised by critics as he is technically superb. But I don't want to talk about critical acclaim. His career is really taking off, and I can't wait to see the films he's going to be in. Shia was grew up in Los Angeles, he did some stand-up comedy around his neighbourhood when he was very young, and decided, after seeing an acting performance, that he wanted to be an actor. He told this to his Mum who got him in contact with an agent in the phonebook. Shia performed a stand-up routine for the agent, and they liked him.

From there he went on to star in the popular Disney TV show, "Even Stevens", In Even Stevens Shia played Louis Stevens, Louis was a young boy who got into a lot of trouble, with his friends and family, Shia gave this role great amounts of energy, and you could see a spark in him. For this show he won a daytime Emmy. Still as a child actor he starred alongside Sigourney Weaver and one of his mentors, John Voight in the film adapted from the popular children's book "Holes". Shia played Stanley Yelnats the third, a well behaved respectful lad, who was always in the wrong place at the wrong time, and had the worst luck, I only saw this film recently, I didn't enjoy it as much as I suspect I would have, had I seen it when I was younger.

In between Holes, and his more recent works, Shia appeared in several films, none of which I have seen, so I feel I cannot comment. Recently Shia has starred in a string of box office hits and his versatility and verve really has shone through. In disturbia Shia playes Kale Brecht a boy who's father's death sends him into a breakdown and encarceration in his own home for "popping" his Spanish teacher, for more info see my film review blog which can be found at . Only a few days after having finished filming disturbia, Shia was off to play the lead in the recent Transformers film. Now although this film is fairly basic and alot of the times makes no sense, it is still awesome, it's not meant to be good it's meant to be cool, and it is. Shia's acting doesnt come through alot, however the challenge of responding and acting to a CGI robot, which isn't actually their, is a large one, and Shia met the challenge well. Most recently Shia co-starred with Harrison Ford in the latest Indiana Jones film, again for more information see my film review blog. The main thing I like about Shia is that I feel I can relate to him, and I admire his work. His performances speak to me, and that's what is important.

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