Friday, 6 June 2008

Favourite Actors - Part 2

Tom Hanks

Tom has been with me since I was a child. He really means a lot to me, I remember him in almost all the films of my childhood, Turner and Hooch, The Burbs, The Money Pit, Big, he was hilarious, and I am disappointed he didn't continue his comedy acting career, he spoke so much to me and he was so cool.

But his acting career has been very successful, he has appeared in a number of blockbusters, including Toy Story; a real favourite pixar film of mine, Forrest Gump; the highly acclaimed and moving story of a Vietnam Vet, and Apollo 13; the true story of some brave men on a space mission that went wrong. He is critically acclaimed as one of the best actors in the world. More recently some favourites are the controversial Cast Away, the beautiful Saving Private Ryan and the heartwarming The Terminal. However, when I think of Tom it will always be as a cackling, clumsy guy who gets himself blown up and covered in paint, falling off of scaffolding, those memories are some of my favourites of films and so I toast to Tom Hanks, here's a little bit about his life.

Tom was born in July 1956 in California, to what he described as "A broken family". His parents were divorced, and as such he moved around a lot between step families, there was no abuse or any other trauma, just confused. When he first tried to get into the acting business, he auditioned for a college play but couldn't get in, he went downtown to an audition for a community theatre play, he got the part and the director invited him to Cleveland where Tom's acting career launched with the TV show Bosom Buddies, in Cleveland he also met his second wife, Rita Wilson.

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